Although I’m no longer in that Navy uniform, I still want to express my support for my fellow veterans. I feel that once you have served in uniform, you are a family that no one will understand unless you are in it.  You take that oath for life. I would do it all over again if I had to, with no hesitation, just like many of my fellow sisters and brothers.

I grew up in New Lenox, IL, went to Providence HS and after school I joined the U.S. Navy, and served for 4 years than a Navy spouse for 15 years.  After boot camp in Orlando, FL my first duty station was Yokosuka, Japan aboard the USS Kittanning.  I also served at Coronado, CA. I come from a very long line of military members. To mention a few, a 4th great-grandfather in the Revolutionary War, a 2nd great-grandfather in the Civil War in the Battle of Shiloh, an uncle in WWII at Iwo Jima, my Uncle Adam Tymowicz was shot down over Ruille France during WWII only to be MIA in the Korean War in Naha Japan, and my father Thomas being in the Navy on the USS Courtney and me following in his footsteps.

Cross Country Cycle 4 Vets started as a single cycling journey that took me 3042 miles as a solo cyclist over this great country, from San Diego, CA to St Augustine, FL for the Gary Sinise Foundation in which I was able to raise $30,680. Once I returned home, I felt lost, I felt I had no meaning in my life. For 61 days I had a meaning I was “cycling east, eating, talking about our veterans in need, sleeping and repeating” my mission was to raise money for our veterans and 1st responders, now as I sit at home looking for a job as normal people have to do, I felt I had no meaning for my ride was over and I had to do something… I was on Facebook one day and Oscar Mike just popped up and I said, who is Oscar Mike, I looked into this foundation, called Noah on the phone and told myself this was going to be my next big bike ride. I loved what Noah has done and his commitment to his fellow brothers and sisters. His dedication to our family and my dedication is the same. As Long as I Can Cycle, I will Cycle for my Sisters and Brothers through various foundations! For this is my calling in life.

This next ride will take us through 10 states, 2 countries and 2547 miles across our country and will again be a self-funded tour. We will be leaving from Lake Forest, IL, heading north to the Upper Peninsula, through MI and then east through Canada, then into New York down to New York City at the Freedom Tower Memorial on 9/11/2021 for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 then heading west though the rolling hills of Pennsylvania and finally finish in Chicago. This day holds many memories for me and our military members and this ride is dedicated to all that have served in our Military and for those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. And to all those involved on this day in this act of terrorism. I have to get everyone involved in getting our men and women “On the Move” again. I will have a tab on my website dedication to memories of 9/11.

We wanted to find any way to help my brothers and sisters with the challenges that some undoubtedly face today.  This is our way of shining a light and letting them know that they are appreciated for all they do for us… for their sacrifices and unwavering commitment to our great nation!

 We would like to thank all our sponsors, endorsements, and everyone that has donated to Cross Country Cycle 4 Vets in support of the Oscar Mike Foundation. Let’s keep those donations coming so we can make our goal of $50,000.

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Tracy Arrival into St Augustine FL May 3, 2018 left San Diego Mar 2018 - 61 days gone 49 cycling

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Cross Country Cycle 4 Vets

As Long As I Can Cycle, I will Cycle for my Sisters and Brothers through various foundations!

Cross Country Cycle 4 Vets