Cross Country Cycle 4 Vets

Cross Country Cycle 4 Vets

As Long As I Can Cycle, I will Cycle for my Sisters and Brothers through various foundations!

 On March 2, 2018, Cross Country Cycle 4 Vets left San Diego CA and  cycled 3042 miles across the Southern Tier and finished in St Augustine, FL on May 3rd....  I was able to raise $30,600 for my fellow veterans and 1st Responders through the Gary Sinise Foundation. (I self-funded the tour)

 I little about Tracy, had the pleasure of being in the US Navy and then I had the joys and pains of being a Navy spouse for 15 years. I also come from a very long line of Military background just to mention a few, a 4th Great Grandfather Helmot Kellogg in the Revolutionary War, a 2nd Great Grandfather Jas Kellogg being injured in the Civil War during the Battle of Shiloh, an Uncle Stan Calder in Imo Jima while another Uncle Adam Tymowicz shot down over France during WWII only to be MIA in the Korean War, my father Thomas being in the Navy on the USS Courtney to me following in their footsteps.

Why am I doing this, some call me crazy, I do at times. It was a dream of mine to cycle across the United States. I choose the Southern Tier for it is only 3042 miles across the United States and only 1 mountain range and the shortest route of them all. Then I thought…. if I am going to cycle 3042 miles I am going to do it for someone other than myself, and chose of a way to help my fellow Veterans to help support the challenges many of them face today. I see the struggles and challenges my fellow veterans go through every time I go to the James Lovell Medical Center for my medical care; as I talk to them and they tell me their stories of when they were in the service from the Korean War and the ones that are back from their 2nd or 3rd tours from Afghanistan or Iraq. I have spoken with ones that have lost limbs from IUD’s and I thought I needed to do something to support my fellow veterans. And help them with the challenges that some undoubtedly face today. So, this is my way of shinning a light, and letting them know that they are appreciated for all they do for us. For their sacrifices and commitments.

Now I have found my calling and since I have completed the Southern Tier and I was able to raise $30,600 for Gary Sinise Foundation... Well I am at it again and planning my next journey which will be announced on Nov 7th for a new foundation. This time my goal will be $50,000 for my fellow veterans and I will need all your help in making my goal become a reality! I will be self-funding this tour again!

 While we or I may be the only people traveling the entire distance from San Diego to St. Augustine, there are going to be numerous people behind us, backing us up and cheering us on. I hope that you will be one of them.

New Route and New Foundation this will be announced on Nov 7th...

Stay Tuned for my next new Journey. This Foundation is also for Disabled Veterans...

Staying Active & On the Move is the Key to Recovering Physically and Mentally after an Injury.

My Goal for this foundation will be $50,000 and I will be cycling 2657 miles, 9 states and 2 countries.

As long as I can Cycle I have my Calling.... Let's Do This!