Media on Cross Country Cycle 4 Vets this journey was Mar 2, 2018 to May 3, 2018 for the  Gary Sinise Foundation ~ Thank you Media for your Support, Kind Words, Blessings and Helping Spread the Word of our Event!

Journal & Topics - Chicago Northwest Suburbs

Wheeling Navy Veteran Cycling Southern Tier For Gary Sinise Foundation

Together We Served

Together we Served Dispatched

(Support Our Troops)

My View of my Final 4.8 miles

My Last 4.8 Miles in my eyes

Illinois General Assembly HR1110 Bill

RECOGNIZE - Tracy R Sefcik by

House Rep Jonathan Carroll​

Bill Status of HR1110  100th General Assembly

Adventure Cycling Association

Biking Bits Vol 19, No 19 Oct 4 2017

(Cycling Cross - Country for Veterans)

Herald News - Il Newspaper

With great courage and commitment

FirstCoast TV  YouTube - St Augustine

Tracy Sefcik’s 3000+ Miles Journey Across the USA

Cross Country Cycle 4 Vets

irstCoast News - St Augustine

First Coast Living

FCL Monday May 28th Cross Country Cycle 4 Vets